WordPress for Beginners and Advanced Website Builders

WordPress for Beginners and Advanced Website Builders


WordPress is a not only a website builder but also an online open source community that millions of people use from around the world. Users can create enticing looking websites from the handful of customizable themes and colours that it offers. Additionally, it has plugins that are simple and easy to install, making any beginner’s website stand out. Speaking of beginners, there are hosting companies that offer optimized WordPress hosting which comes with the system preinstalled and, often, lists of recommended plugins that can make your site fly.


Here are the first few steps to startup your account.


Use a Top Down Approach 


Once you put in your login credentials, you’ll be on Administration Screen or Dashboard. This is where all the creativity and posting happens.

Explore your dashboard and get to know your website and how it works. Look at the information section as this is where all your content is stored and organized.


Don’t Forget the Details


Learn the details of the page layout and design, not just how to use it but also how to make your own. This is a great opportunity to stand out from other websites.

Notice how the colour themes change when you move your mouse over different features on the dashboard and administration page. You can also observe where the details are placed on your page and other design details. You can change it as needed.


Write and Manage WordPress Posts


On your administration page, you’ll be able to navigate to your posts screen. There, you can use the Posts Menu to write and manage published posts.

If you’re confused on how to write according to Word Press’ system, then read a short article located in the site’s help section.


Organise Your Posts


When you first start, it will be easy to keep track of your posts, but you’ll need a more efficient system as your website grows.

It’s best to organize your posts according to topic or tags, which make it easy to group similar posts together. To add more categories, you can easily do it in the dashboard.

After you learn how to use Word Press, you’ll be glad you did. You’ll be amazed how simple it is to focus on important things such as writing engaging and useful posts.


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