SafeSleeve Detachable case for Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max: Anti-radiation case with RFID wallet

Smartphones have become the primary computing device that millions use for many hours every day. We also see children with an average age of 10 using cell phones. If you are concerned at all about radio frequency or electromagnetic radiation coming from your smartphone, then you may want to consider an anti-radiation case from SafeSleeve.

The Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max is my daily driver and has wrapped in a SafeSleeve Detachable case for the past few weeks. The case is available now for $64.95 in six different colors.

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Over the years I have read conflicting reports, here’s one and another, about whether or not cell phone radiation is harmful to the human body, but if there is a case solution that can block the radiation while still functioning well and have aprice about the same as other cases then why not play it safe and go with one that has the potential to protect you.

If you aren’t that concerned about the radiation shield, then you may like that the three credit card slots and cash pocket also serve as a RFID blocking wallet. In addition, the case is certified to protect your iPhone from drops with MIL-STD-810G certification.

The case is composed of two pieces, the main outer wallet case and a detachable inner shell case. The shell case is a high quality case with durable sides and an attractive woven material back panel. The color you select appears on the back panel. There are openings for the ringer switch, Lightning port, speaker, and mics with raised buttons over the iPhone buttons.

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There is also an opening for the rear camera array and with the case thickness, the cameras are flush with the case. Wireless charging does not work with the detachable case, which is the only concern I have with using the case daily.

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The main outer wallet portion of the case only functions as a case when you attach the detachable portion with the strong magnets. There are two lanyard eyes pressed into the spine of the case with an ample opening for the rear camera array. Three credit card slots and a cash pocket are provided on the inside of the front flap. I carried four cards and ID in the three card slots with cash and another card in the cash pocket. Remember, this case serves as an RFID blocking wallet so your cards are kept safe.

While your iPhone is mounted inside the case, you can also rotate it into landscape orientation and then pop out the bottom to switch the case into media viewing mode. The case works quite well for watching video content on the train and airplane.

The key feature of the SafeSleeve Detachable case is the radiation shield capability. To be clear, the shield is found only on the front flap of the main outer wallet part of the case. If you carry your iPhone around in the detachable portion, there is no radiation protection provided with this part of the case.

In order for the radiation shield to work to protect you, the front flap must be closed over your phone as you hold it up to your head to talk on the phone. There is an opening in the top for the headset speaker so your call should not be impacted with the flap closed. SafeSleeve has FCC lab test results that show its shielding technology can block up to 99% of RF and up to 92% of ELF radiation so if there is anything harmful coming from your phone then this case will block most of the radiation.

If you place the case and your iPhone in your pocket, then you should also ensure the front flap is against your body with the camera opening facing away from your body.

The case looks great, is very well constructed, has a cool media viewing kickstand mode, and incorporates a RFID blocking wallet function. The shielding technology is a great benefit that doesn’t compromise on the rest of the case features and the $64.95 price is competitive for a two-piece wallet folio case.

SafeSleeve also has case options for other iPhones, many other Android phones, the iPad, and other devices. The company also has mounting options available that work with its cases and even has a MagSafe-compatible SafeSleeve Slim Folio case.

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