Vastking KingPad M10 tablet review: Face unlock and good responsiveness

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At first glance, The Vastking KingPad M10 tablet looks very similar to the I looked at in March 2021, but on closer inspection — there are a few updated features that make this Android Tablet a must-have.

In the box, there is the tablet, an adapter plug and a USB — Type-C cable along with a user manual and a quick start guide. Like the KingPad K10 Pro, and the I looked at earlier in October 2021.

There is also a docking keyboard case with a solid hinge to prop the tablet up at any angle you require.

The KingPad M10 is almost the same size as the K10 Pro at 9.7 x 6.1-inches and is as slim at inches (the K10 Pro is 9.6 x 6.3 x 0.3-inches) but is lighter, 450g, than the K10 Pro’s 550g weight.

However, that is where the similarities end. The KingPad M10 has been designed for users who want a good graphic experience, more memory and an upgraded OS.

The screen is a 10.36-inch 1200 x 2000 IPS screen giving 2K resolution and 300Nits, which is clear and bright.

Inside the KingPad M10 is an octa-core, T618 processor, two A75 cores running at up to 2 GHz and six A55 cores running at up to 1.8GHz. 4GB RAM and 128GB storage which can be expanded up to 2TB with an appropriate Micro SD or TF Card.

It has a two-core graphics processor running at up to 850MHz, which is impressive for such a compact tablet.

The body of the tablet is not as rounded as the K10 Pro, but it is streamlined. On the left-hand side of the tablet: is the power switch, a TF/SIM slot, and at the bottom is a USB Type-C port to charge the tablet.

The top of the tablet has volume controls, two speakers and a reset hole. The right-hand side of the tablet has a 3.5mm headset jack. There are two more speakers at the bottom of the tablet and a connector to attach the tablet to its keyboard/protective case.

Like the K10 Pro, the M10 has a 6,000mAh battery, but the M10 has been upgraded and runs Android 11.

The M10 has a 13MP rear camera and an 8MP front-facing camera. Both can use either a 4:3 or a 16:9 resolution. The rear camera will record HD 1080P or 720P video, or you can record SD video at 480P.

The settings are basic, but you can adjust the flash, add gridlines, or set a self-timer for the camera. Post image manipulation is basic, but you can add features such as vignette, or denoise, brighten up the image or sharpen it.

Onboard sound is good, from its four speakers — if a little tinny. I’d recommend that you connect an external Bluetooth speaker device to the M10 to get a decent sound experience.

The KingPad M10 has face unlock, which is fast and responsive. It also has a PIN, Swipe or pattern lock as well as a password option. You can keep the device unlocked when it is with you by setting up the smart lock feature. There is no fingerprint unlock for this device.

There is no OEM Bloatware on the M10 to slow it down — this is a pared-down tablet that can be used for whatever you want — and it will cope with graphics-hungry games without too much drama. I like its form factor, and I love its responsiveness, especially when using Outlook.

If you buy the tablet only, and However, I would recommend that you also the keyboard and

The tablet slots into the keyboard case to protect the tablet and stand the tablet at your preferred angle. The keys on the keyboard had a good distance of travel, and the trackpad is accurate and easy to use.

However, unlike the keyboard cover for the K10 Pro, this keyboard does not have a stylus holder, nor is one offered in the bundle.

All in all, the Vastking KingPad M10 is an affordable ultra-portable tablet that you can pop into your bag and take anywhere.

It has good performance, will multitask well and has good onboard sound. There is little not to like with this nice little tablet — it is certainly worth the cost.

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