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It’s a different world out there for many emerging businesses. Once upon a time, devices like cell phones or laptops were almost distributed to workers as a perk, helpful add-ons to do their jobs better. Today, smartphones, tablets, and (almost as importantly) the apps built into them aren’t just helpful to a salesperson, a clerk or a production manager’s daily work. They’re now virtually essential.

With all that intricacy and customization going into an integrated digital business network, device management can’t be piecemealed. It has to be managed and managed effectively, which is where software like Jamf Now becomes unbelievably important for small to medium-sized companies.

Jamf Now streamlines remote device oversight, making it easier for even one person to handle and manage the iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV devices, apps, and corporate resources for every employee company-wide. And since many businesses don’t have the ability to hire dedicated IT personnel, Jamf Now makes it simple for almost any manager to oversee all those devices, even if they aren’t tech-savvy themselves.

Since Jamf Now doesn’t subscribe to that unified endpoint management (UEM) philosophy, they’ve crafted a handful of separate yet interconnected apps to govern all phases of a company-provided iPhone or iPad’s life. With Jamf Now, employees can receive new, fully configured Apple devices to all your company specs without anyone ever physically touching the device.

Through their interface, a manager can set up any new device with everything a worker will need, from apps and inventory to workflows and restrictions. Rather than a company deploying a new app, then having each employee check in to update their device, Jamf Now does it all from one platform, allowing new programs and updates to be automatically distributed across an entire workforce, all at once.

If someone can’t remember their password, Jamf Now makes it easy to unlock or reset that password. If a MacBook gets lost, Jamf Now can either help lock the device or even shut the device down and wipe it clean to make sure no company secrets are compromised, all done remotely. And because Jamf Now is an Apple-only service, they’re acutely cued in to the latest in the Apple development world, offering concentrated Apple-compatible mobile device management features so every process and procedure can go as smoothly as possible.

For organizations who’d like to experience that kind of Apple efficiency for themselves, head over to the Jamf Now website and check out their available service plans. Teams can use Jamf Now to manage up to three devices for free, with new additions costing only $2 each per month.

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