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In today’s volatile job market, versatility is key. Whether you’re hunting for a new career now or looking for something better in 2022, a skill like coding can set you apart. And that holds true across a variety of industries.

With the training in The Ultimate 2022 Backend Developer Bundle, learners get a crash course in the skills required to become a practicing programmer — even if they’ve never tried to code before.

The biggest selling point of this bundle, featuring 13 courses with over 40 hours of instruction, is its variety of entry points. Many of these courses introduce new disciplines (often in just an hour of training), giving students the chance to get familiar with several key programming languages, tools, and procedures.

In fact, five of these courses lay out basic coding principles in just 60 minutes each, with deep dives into JavaScript, jQuery, Python, and more.

Some courses explore even more programming languages, like “C Programming for Beginners,” while others focus on core coding procedures, like “CSS: Create Five Different Fully Responsive Modern Websites” or “Bootstrap 4 Rapid Web Development Framework HTML CSS JS.”

Students even gain experience using key tools to create responsive, modern websites and apps in courses like “Introduction to Chrome DevTools” and “WebGL Programming and Graphics Rendering for the Web.”

Many of the lessons are centered around hands-on training opportunities, allowing you to truly get a feel for the subject while building actual sites and apps.

Whether you just want to understand coding or plan to launch a programming career, the comprehensive training in The Ultimate 2022 Backend Developer Bundle can get you started on the right path. A nearly $2,600 value, this complete package is not only heavily discounted, but it’s an additional 20 percent off right now when you use the code CYBER20. That brings the final price down to just $31.99 for a limited time.

Prices are subject to change

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