Start a lucrative new tech career in 2022 by easily learning how to code for less than $50



If you don’t happen to win $1,000,000 making a jigsaw puzzle, you can still snag a highly-paid tech position in 2022 with just one of the 27 courses in The Premium Learn to Code 2022 Certification Bundle, even if you have no tech experience at all. And you can use code CYBER20 during our Cyber Week Sale to get it for only $47.99.

Beginners can start with the crowd favorite “Java Foundations,” rated 4.9 out of 5 stars by previous students. It’s widely used not only in web and software development but also for Android apps. Then get a great job with the help of “Java Interview Questions: Data Structures & Algorithms” and “How to Get a Job as a Web Developer.”

Rob Merrill has taught over 35,000 students, and he can teach you the easiest coding language in the 6-hour “Python for Everyone”. Get more practice with “The Python Mega Course: Build 10 Real World Applications.”

Want to make Apple apps? “SwiftUI Apps for All Apple Platforms” covers all the devices and you can go more in-depth with “SwiftUI: The Complete Developer Course.”

There are also individual courses for beginners on JavaScript, C++, HTML and CSS, Bootstrap and jQuery, Google’s Flutter and Dart, Amazon Honeycode, ROS2 for robotics, Raspberry Pi, Django, machine learning, and more. If you prefer a more comprehensive approach, there are two Complete Web Developer Courses that cover websites and mobile apps.

Prefer to just go for the gold? “The Complete Front-End Web Development Course” teaches you all about one of the easiest and most lucrative fields in the tech industry.

If you already have tech skills, or after you’ve learned them from the above classes, this bundle also has courses that can send your career skyrocketing. Build on your existing Python skills with “Complete Data Science Training with Python for Data Analysis,” “Learn Python for Data Analysis & Visualization” and “Making APIs with Django & Python.”

Master Ruby on Rails with “2020 Complete Ruby on Rails 6 Bootcamp”. Or become a C# and .NET Framework expert from the exercises, code challenges, and real-world examples in “The Complete C# Programming Course.”

Don’t pass up this chance to easily train for a lucrative tech career, grab The Premium Learn to Code 2022 Certification Bundle while you can get it for only $47.99 with code CYBER20 during our Cyber Week Sale.

Prices subject to change.

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