Master the art of animation on Windows with this 79% off deal



Animation is a unique art form demanding both creativity and focus to bring it to life. Software has made studying and practicing animation more democratic, yet access to tools and training haven’t kept pace even as the demand for animation in advertising, presentations, game design, and other fields has skyrocketed.

The Complete Cartoon Animator 4 Pro Windows Bundle gives you everything you need to start animating, with both tools and training in one bundle. But act fast, as this price drop will only be available through December 31st.

To begin with, the bundle comes with Cartoon Animator 4 Pro. Formerly CrazyTalk Animator, one of TopTenReviews’ choices for Best 2D Animation Software, this package is designed to get beginners animating quickly. It offers a wide range of effects and simple tools to get started, and there are more depths to explore as you become more comfortable.

Next, there’s a full course on the 12 principles of animation. Taught by master animator Mark Diaz, the course goes through animation fundamentals point by point, exploring how animation is drawn, how static images are turned into moving ones, how to time and stage your work, and more.

Finally, the Motion 3D Sampler gets novice animators started in the art of transferring 3D movement into 2D art. This sampler starts you off with a library of 3D-to-2D movements, paired with instructions on how the animators transferred combat moves, dances, and gestures from the real world to line art fluidly and easily.

Animation offers both a powerful outlet for creativity and a unique skill you can add to your resume to stand out. If you’re curious to see what it takes to bring your art to life, this bundle, now on sale for $49.99, offers the perfect way to begin exploring.

Prices subject to change.

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