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For an app still alive and kicking after three decades, it’s amazing how much life is still left in Microsoft Excel. In fact, did you know expert Excel users specializing in finance are now getting tournaments of their own like the Financial Modeling World Cup to prove their spreadsheet mastery in battles akin to e-sporting events? As mindblowing as that idea sounds, it’s 100% true.

You may not ever compete in front of a live audience showing off your Excel skills, but with the training in The 2022 Ultimate Microsoft Excel and Power BI Certification Bundle, you could be ready to sling data with those Excel heavyweights.

This 9-course collection packed with nearly 63 hours of training starts with courses like Mathematics for Data Science, a practical, hands-on session with step-by-step procedures for understanding data science like descriptive statistics, the measure of variability, inferential statistics, as well as probability and hypothesis testing.

There’s also a heavy emphasis here on data visualization, and how to best represent data, so it’s immediately understandable and actionable with courses like Excel Pro Tips: Data Visualization, Microsoft Excel: Data Visualization with Charts & Graphs, and Data Visualization with R.

Not to be outdone, the course Up and Running with Power BI Desktop explains how this relatively low-key app can act like shooting pure adrenaline into your Excel work, opening up new visualization and data analysis features that take Excel’s usefulness to the next level.

Finally, the remaining four courses each dig into more specialized Excel and Power Bi training areas, including a close look at Alteryx, a nifty tool for professionally building workflows and analyzing data faster by using analytic building blocks that require limited coding knowledge.

Every course in The 2022 Ultimate Microsoft Excel & Power BI Certification Bundle is a $200 value, but with this collection, you can get all this Excel expert training for less than $4 per course at just $34.99.

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