Nvidia rolls out 7 new RTX GPUs for laptops and desktops


The new RTX A5500


Nvidia on Tuesday announced seven new Ampere architecture GPUs for desktops and laptops, bringing its RTX technology for professional visual computing to a wider audience of designers and creators. The new RTX A5500, with ray-traced rendering 2x faster than the previous generation, is already powering intense aerospace engineering, architecture and animation projects.

Demand for RTX has grown significantly over the past year, Bob Pette, VP of Nvidia’s Professional Visualization business unit, said to reporters this week ahead of Nvidia’s spring Graphics Technology Conference (GTC). There are more and more applications taking advantage of RTX features, as well as more use cases in data science and AI.

On top of that, Pette said, “The new normal of hybrid work” means “companies buying multiple and more capable systems to ensure their workers are productive from wherever they’re working.”

The new RTX A5500 desktop GPU combines the latest-generation RT Cores, Tensor Cores and CUDA cores with 24GB of memory for rendering, AI, graphics and compute performance. Its motion blur rendering performance is up to 9x faster.

Among the first to use the chip are M4 Engineering, an aerospace engineering firm; AS+GG Architecture; and Sony Pictures Animation. The RTX A5500 desktop GPUs are available now from channel partners and through global system builders starting in Q2.



Meanwhile, Nvidia is also taking the power of the A5500 and putting it into a laptop. The company announced a full lineup of Ampere GPUs for laptops: The new RTX A500, RTX A1000, RTX A2000 8GB, RTX A3000 12GB, RTX A4500 and RTX A5500 laptop GPUs.

The new laptop GPUs all feature:

  • 2nd gen RT Cores, 3rd gen Tensor Cores and Ampere architecture streaming multiprocessor, which provide up to 2x the throughput of the previous-generation architecture.
  • NVIDIA Max-Q technology: AI-based system optimizations make thin and light laptops perform quieter, faster and more efficiently with Dynamic Boost, CPU Optimizer, Rapid Core Scaling, WhisperMode, Battery Boost, Resizable BAR and Nvidia DLSS technology.
  • Up to 16GB of GPU memory
  • The RTX A2000 8GB, RTX A3000 12GB and RTX A4500 now feature 2x the memory of their previous-generation counterparts for working with larger models, datasets and multi-app workflows.

The new RTX laptop GPUs will be available in mobile workstations from global OEM partners including Acer, ASUS, BOXX Technologies, Dell Technologies, HP, Lenovo, and MSI starting this spring.

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