Charge your smartphone and laptop with the Excitrus 100W 20800mAh Power bank

Charging ports

Charging ports

For portability, nothing eats a small power bank that you can slip into a pocket and have ready when you need it. But other time times, you need a big power bank that can not only charge multiple devices but also keep your laptop going for longer.

Enter the Excitrus 100W 20800mAh , the only 100W power bank on the market with MagSafe compatible magnetic wireless charging.

Externally, the Excitrus 100W power bank is big, 113 x 222 x 48mm (7.68 × 3.35 × 1.02 inches) and weighing in at 480g (16.93oz). It’s a fairly chunky package, dwarfing my iPhone 13 Pro Max .


  • Huge capacity
  • High power output
  • USB-C and USB-A ports
  • Can charge four devices

Don’t Like

  • Fabric finish is different
  • The power bank has a “hollow” feel

On the front, it features two USB-C ports (one 60W in/100W out, the other a 45W out only port) and an 18W USB-A port. These ports, combined with a 10W Apple MagSafe compatible wireless charger, allows the Excitrus 100W power bank to charge four devices simultaneously.

On the side, there’s an on/off button, and on the other is a charge indicator panel.

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Charge indicator panelCharge indicator panel

Charge indicator panel

I’ve tested all the ports, power specifications, battery capacity, and charge times, and everything is as it says on the box. This is one of those power banks that can truly charge four devices at once (or three and have the power bank on charge and acting as a power distribution hub).

I initially felt that I’d hate the fabric coating, but having used it, I find it good at resisting water and dirt and gives the power bank some much-needed grippage when held.

Excitrus 100W power bank tech specs:

Excitrus 100W power bankExcitrus 100W power bank

  • 10W MagSafe compatible wireless charging for smartphones and other wireless devices
  • 100W Power Delivery (PD) USB-C output delivers fast charging for MacBooks and laptops
  • Wireless charging, 2 x USB-C and USB-A ports allow for four devices to be charged simultaneously.
  • 65W PD fast charging USB-C input, recharge 0-70 charge in just 1 hour.
  • 20800mAh heavy duty Li-ion battery.
  • Dirt and water-repellent fabric coating.
  • Low Power Device charging mode for devices such as Apple Watch and wireless earbuds.
  • 8 level safety protection for devices.
  • Digital display.
  • Comes with a 5A USB-C to USB-C cable.

Another strong point for the Excitrus 100W power bank is the price. Coming in at $99, it’s cheap compared to other 100W power banks. Including a USB-A port is also a nice touch as many modern power banks now don’t do this, which can leave legacy devices out in the cold.

Complaints and criticisms, I don’t have anything major. I do find the power bank rather unbalanced in the hand (the weight is distributed more to one end), and it feels a little hollow, and there’s some give to the plastic, but I think this is down to the wireless charger limiting the thickness of the shell.

Excitrus 100W Portable Charger 20800mAh

But none of these points are a showstopper. The Excitrus 100W power bank is an excellent bit of kit for those looking for a power bank that’s capable of handling modern workloads and power demands.

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