Fitbit goodies for Pixel Watch and Google goodies for Fitbits

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Image: Fitbit

The blending of Google and Fitbit continues with Google releasing updates for the Pixel Watch, Fitbit Sense 2, and Fitbit Versa 4 that are sure to please users of these three wearables.

Google Pixel Watch owners will soon see their sleep profile appear in the Fitbit app, while Fitbit Sense 2 and Versa 4 users will have access to Google Wallet and Google Maps.

Sleep profile for Google Pixel Watch

The Google Pixel Watch is a solid smartwatch with most of the Fitbit functionality integrated into the wearable experience. Google promised regular updates to improve the Pixel Watch experience, and one of the first minor updates is support for sleep profiles.

While sleep profiles are associated with cartoon animals, there is a host of science and technology behind the profiles.

This monthly analysis takes into account 10 different aspects of your sleep and provides you with a comparison with others of your age and gender.

This is a Fitbit Premium metric, but new Pixel Watch owners have several free months of Premium so will be able to check it out for a couple of months before deciding whether or not to continue with the subscription.

For Pixel Watch owners who wore their watch to sleep for at least 14 nights in October, your Sleep Profile and sleep animal will be provided to you on Nov. 22. If you start wearing your Pixel Watch today and for the rest of November, you will get your results on Dec. 1.

When I was testing the Fitbit Sense 2, I received the giraffe as my sleep animal. This is actually the most common type of sleep profile that describes people who do not get a lot of sleep, but sleep solidly when they do get sleep. As my wife can attest, as soon as my body gets horizontal, I am out for the night.

Google Maps and Wallet for Fitbit

As the Pixel Watch develops into a better Fitbit health and fitness tracker, the latest Fitbit devices are evolving into capable smart wearables. Google Wallet is now available for the Fitbit Sense 2 and Versa 4, while Google Maps will be available soon.

Fitbit Pay will remain an option on these wearables, but you can also choose to add Google Wallet to the watches. Google Wallet can be used everywhere that Google Pay or contactless payments are accepted and as always, your actual card information is never shared and remains secure. You will need to unlock your watch with a PIN to make your first transaction of the day.

With Google Maps, you will see turn-by-turn directions to guide you on your wrist. You must have a connected phone and then initiate the navigation session on Google Maps on your phone to see the turn-by-turn experience on your wrist. Offline Google Maps and navigation is not supported on these two watches.

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