How to never lose your keys again

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The KeySmart Air.

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If there’s a gadget that has saved me from countless headaches, it’s the Apple AirTag.

I love those things, and the one attached to my keys has saved me no end of frustration trying to find my misplaced keys.

But the AirTag is a disk, and you can’t attach it directly to your keys without some kind of holder.

Apple makes no end of holders. Overpriced holders.

Enter the KeySmart Air. Not only is this a holder for the AirTag, but it’s also a really cool key organizer.

KeySmart Air

$22 at Amazon


Key features

  • Perfect fit for the Apple AirTag, allowing you to easily carry and locate your keys (Apple AirTag sold separately).
  • Keep your keys in order, so you can always find the right one.
  • Carries up to five keys plus your car key fob.
  • Compatible with KeySmart tools, such as the SafeBlade, NanoScissors, and MultiTool
  • SmartShield leather has the feel of leather but has been treated to make it last ten times longer than traditional leather.
  • Strong, spring-loaded carabiner to attach other items, such as car fobs, to the KeySmart Air.

I like it. A lot. I’d been worried that my old silicone AirTag holder would one day give way and detach from my keys. That would have been a sad day indeed. I’ve tried a few different AirTag holders, but they feel like I’m just adding another thing to my keyring. The KeySmart Air feels like it might help me get my keys organized.


Installation is easy.

Open the screw and pop the AirTag in the holder.

On that note, I’m impressed at how durable AirTags are as this has been on my keys for over a year now.

Add keys to the screw then tighten the screw (using a tool I had on my keyring).

Job done!

Oh, and here’s what I carry on my keyring apart from keys.

Yes, I carry a bunch of stuff with me. A sensible person probably carries a lot less stuff. But it all gets used regularly, so I’m OK with that.

There are a whole bunch of accessories that KeySmart makes.

I forgot I had these, so I will attach them at some future point.

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