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How it Works

IT-Aid-Centre provides technology services to consumers and small businesses around the World directly via our Live Order Support portal and channel partners, which include retailers and anti-virus companies. Our partners offer branded services as part of their own integrated consumer programs in order to fix, configure, and setup today’s consumer technology.

Our live online tech support is conducted by highly qualified Personal IT Experts. Every IT expert is  checked and must pass rigorous testing and training before helping customers.

As most consumer technology problems are software related we can fix the problems remotely using our safe, secure, proprietary technology there is no need to leave home. The consumer does not have to unplug the computer and take it in to be fixed, and no-one has to come to your home.

From virus removal to email set up, our Personal IT Experts have assisted over 250,000 consumers with their PC issues along with a wide range of devices including printers, routers, home networks, digital cameras, MP3 players and much more…